First Teaser for Pokemon: The Series Gives Ash a New Design and Introduces a New Character

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The Pokemon anime, which we all thought was going to be called Pocket Monsters, will soon be called Pokemon: The Series and it looks like Ash isn't going anywhere. Ash, fresh off winning the Alolan Pokemon League, will soon be traveling the world with a friend and we don't mean Pikachu. Ash will be joined by a trainer named Gou, who has a Scorbunny from Sword and Shield.


Little is known about Ash and Gou's upcoming adventure, with the teaser trailer not helping since it's in Japanese and doesn't really have any new footage. Still, the fact that Ash isn't going anywhere should be a relief to some and an annoyance to others since the character doesn't appear to be aging, despite finally winning a Pokemon League.

Now fans are going to be pissed about the fact that he didn't win the Kalos League. Seriously, guys, that was one of Ash's best teams, if not his best party ever.

Anyway, with Pokemon: Sun and Moon - Ultra Legends about to end soon, a new ally for Ash is interesting, to say the least. Why Ash and Gou travel together is going to need an explanation but it's neat knowing that our long-time Pokemon protagonist won't have a Sword and Shield starter (yet).

Pokemon: The Series will premiere in Japan this November.

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