Black Panther Confirms New Villain

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Black Panther will be opening our 2018 with a great bang. It has been a dark horse of Marvel, perhaps even much more than Guardians of the Galaxy, but now, after everyone got past the revision in his costume and soaking in Chadwick Boseman's performance in Captain America: Civil War, he's the one to watch out for.

And now, it seems like we'll been getting quite a bang as far as the cast is concerned. The cast as we already know it is already a stellar one—so much so that we're not even pushing to know too much about the story except for what we have already seen in the first teaser trailer.

Now, it looks like we can add another name not only to the cast, but also to what could build up to become an insane storyline for Black Panther. Nabiyah Be has posted a tweet where she reveals that she will be playing the role of Tilda Johnson--or as some comic book readers would know her as Nightshade.


It appears that she will be another one of T'Challa's a.k.a. Black Panther's enemies in his solo movie. Nightshade has her ties with Killmonger (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan in the movie), as they are both New Yorkers following their exile from Wakanda. Of course, we'd have to see if these histories will be explored in the movie or if Marvel will be doing its own changes.

Black Panther will be out in theaters in 2018—but just to get you hyped, how about another look at that trailer?

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