Pre-2019 Star Wars Movies Won't Be in Disney's Streaming Service

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There's a lot of excitement for Disney's upcoming streaming service, which will have plenty of original shows, remade movies, and plenty of things fans of the company would want. One of the shows fans are most excited for is Jon Favreau's Star Wars series, which is set to be very expensive, though many are hoping that its quality will make up for it.

It turns out that might be the only Star Wars content coming to the streaming service for now since the company won't be able to distribute any of the franchise's films that came out before 2019. This means we won't get any of the original or prequel trilogy, as well as the first two episodes in the new trilogy and the Star Wars Story spin-offs Rogue One and Solo.

According to a feature from Variety, the distribution rights to these films aren't with Disney yet, hence them not appearing in the streaming service. This means fans will be able to enjoy The Last Jedi and other movies on services like Netflix.


Expect Disney to aggressively get these distribution rights, if their recent purchase of 21st Century Fox is anything to go by. Until that actually happens, fans will have to enjoy a Star Wars-less Disney streaming service.

Star Wars: Episode IX comes out on December 19, 2019, so that movie will be eligible for the streaming service.

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