Power Rangers Producer Maps Out Movie’s Journey & Future

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This year's Power Rangers is far from what it used to be as the campy kids' show with leotard-clad teens. Apart from being more inclusive in representation, it seems that the producers are considering just how sophisticated the new generation of viewers are.

In an interview with Variety, the Producer Haim Saban and Screenwriter John Gatins have zoomed in on the fact that one of the big changes they should implement would be the better effects to set this adaptation apart. The other half of the successful journey, however, are the fleshed-out characters.

"The effects are only part of the movie. We also are developing likable characters. They don't take themselves too seriously, in terms of how they relate. I wanted the movie to say that losers or weirdos, by coming together, can realize the importance of the responsibility on their shoulders."

The good thing about the reimagining in the hands of director Dean Israelite is that he was part of the generation that had held the franchise dear, so he recognizes its importance to those who are of a specific generation who would also want to feel that the original go the respect it deserved.

So what happens now that Power Rangers can be called a success? Well, we may be looking at more in the future.

"We already have a six-movie story arc."

Power Rangers is already out in theaters.

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