Beauty and the Beast, Disney Movies May Explore Spin-offs

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A common formula when it comes to a movie that does great in the box office is to explore a way it could continue its streak. Thankfully, most of these movies have limited themselves to threequels, thus allowing the studio to plan ahead of time and even a little bit on where the future movies will go.

In the case of Beauty and the Beast, however, it's possible that a direct sequel is not the main idea in mind. In an interview with Deadline, Sean Bailey hinted that the successes of previous Disney remakes may be a great fuel to Disney's hype train for creating a lot of these movies and even expanding their respective stories.

Currently, there are no plans to have a follow-up movie that's directly a sequel to Beauty and the Beast. And the good thing about this decision is that the studio is not keen on forcing direct sequels where there is no story, as was seen in Alice Through the Looking Glass.


The studio is, however open to pursuing what would be possible "spin-off and prequel scenarios." And these are mostly movies that were created way back—basically, Disney movies that catered to the ‘90s kids.

Hence, we may be seeing more news on the likes of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the now-controversial Mulan. Personally, I'm waiting for Hercules just as much, mostly because Megara's my favorite Disney lady.

But the interesting point here would be the prequels. We've been given the Disney movies as standalone ones, with some seeing sequels that were either a meh or a fine. Perhaps these prequels would be Disney's way of expanding the Disney universe and creating more meaningful stories out of them.

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