Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You Can Now Be Streamed For Free

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Fans are excited for Pokemon The Movie: Everyone's Story and who wouldn't be? Featuring some of the best animations in a Pokemon project outside of the current anime, it looks like a can't-miss film that could end up being very entertaining. What some fans might not know is that it's actually the second installment in a new film-only continuity that was established in last year's I Choose You.

Thankfully, fans will be able to familiarize themselves with this new world since Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You can now be streamed free and legally on the official Pokemonwebsite.

I Choose You was a bit controversial with fans. Many thought it would be a retelling of Ash's early adventures but it ended up being the start of an all-new continuity, despite having a very similar start to the anime.


And then talking Pikachu happened. We don't talk about talking Pikachu. Not until next year's Detective Pikachu anyway.

Still, the animation is top-notch and there are a couple of good battles in there. For the sake of this year's Pokemon film, fans should check it out and see for themselves if it's worth all the love or hate. The fact that it's free and legal should be more than enough to convince anyone.

Pokemon The Movie: Everyone's Story comes out in Japan on July 13. No international release has been announced, though it is likely since I Choose You eventually made its way to the West.

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