Pokémon GO Adding 50 Gen 3 Monsters In Massive Update

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Niantic just announced a huge update for Pokemon GO, which adds a ton of new monsters from the Hoenn region and some dynamic weather effects. On the game's blog, Niantic announced a new update would be coming later this week, adding 50 Pokemon from Gen 3 aka the Ruby and Sapphire generation. A number of fan favorites made their debut here and it'll be nice to finally catch them in the hit mobile game.

The trailer shows some of the awesome monsters that made their debut in this generation, like Salamence and Aggron. Also shown was a future raid event that would have Groudon as the legendary Pokemon for players to fight and catch. Seeing Groudon in the trailer is great and that could mean Kyogre isn't far behind.


As for the dynamic weather effects, this will determine the kind of Pokemon that will appear in the player's area. Mudkip for example will likely appear when it's raining, so fans of the water Pokemon better bring a coat or jacket when playing. Weather effects include sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, partly cloudy, and windy. Battles will also be affected by the weather, so players might not want to bring out their fire Pokemon during rainy days.

Overall, it's a great update and one that should pique the interest of fans that still play the game. Niantic didn't state which of the 50 Hoenn Pokemon will be a part of the game, aside from usuals like Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android. The update will be available later this week.

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