20 Nov 2017 2:08 PM +00:00 UTC

The Pokemon Company Has A Mysterious Project Evee On The Way

It looks like Pokemon gamers are in for a surprise.

The Pokemon Company seems to be teasing a new project revolving around one of the franchise's most popular Pokemon, Eevee.

A new "Project Eevee" Japanese Twitter account has been launched by The Pokemon Company earlier today and one of its first posts is all about an announcement dropping tomorrow, November 21.

While gamers might feel a bit wary that the account's been set up by a troll looking to fool the Pokemon gaming community, Comicbook reports that the tweet says that the "Project Eevee" account is a legitimate Twitter handle.


Could this mean that The Pokemon Company is releasing "Project Eevee" as a new game? Speculation has it that the mystery project could be a new mobile app given the success the company has had with applications like Pokemon Shuffle and Magikarp Jump.

Of course there's Pokemon Go, however, while The Pokemon Company does have a stake in the augmented reality gaming app, it doesn't have the same control over the game as Niantic.

There's a lot of talk in the Pokemon gaming community that Project Eevee could be like a Tamagotchi game on mobile where players get to train, take care of, and evolve Eevee on their phones. After all, the same was done on Magikarp Jump.

Let's just wait and see. The big announcement comes out tomorrow after all.

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