Pokemon Sword & Shield Japanese Trailer Shows Plenty of Fan-Favorite Pokemon

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Pokemon Sword & Shield might have gotten some controversy for not having the National Pokedex but that doesn't mean the two Switch games will be lacking on monsters. Nintendo and Game Freak recently released a new minute-long commercial in Japan that shows gameplay and we see a number of familiar Pokemon in it. This should quiet down some of the people who thought Pokemon like Gengar wouldn't make it in.

So yeah, there might not be a National Pokedex (even though fans only care about their three or four reliable Pokemon from previous generations) but there are still a lot of Pokemon. We're about to have 1000 or more Pokemon so scaling back on them for this Switch title isn't the worst thing in the world; even if some fans think it is.

We're still waiting for more details about the game, though we do know that these two entries will have a series first; version-exclusive gym leaders. There will also be raid battles with huge Dynamax Pokemon, clearly inspired by Pokemon GO, and maybe more. It's gonna be fun waiting for more details but it's clear that Sword and Shield are going to be quality Pokemon titles.

Fans will be able to purchase Pokemon Sword & Shield on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

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