Pokemon Sun and Moon Introduces New Mythical ‘Mon

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The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have the first look for Marshadow, the upcoming mythical Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Sadly, this first look may be all we'll be getting in the meantime, because the official description doesn't give anything else about its powers or is background:

"A new mythical Pokemon named Marshadow has been discovered! The details of this Pokemon are shrouded in mystery! Marshadow cannot be encountered in normal gameplay. Details will be introduced in the future on how Trainers can get this Pokemon for their game."

What makes it harder is the fact that it won't even be encountered in normal gameplay either. Does that mean it's one of the hidden secrets for the game? Or will it be available in a crossover event of sorts?

Interestingly, Pokemon Sun and Moon won't be the only place where fans can see the mythical ‘mon. in fact, he has already been sighted in the trailer of Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!

In the recently released trailer, where so many ‘mons appeared, we get a quick glimpse of Marshadow in the mix. Based on the trailer, we see that it can actually phase through the ground. Or perhaps it is through shadows that it manipulates its way around, but that's all we know of it.

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