Pokemon Go Actually Has This Interesting Health Benefit

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Everyone has heard about the different accidents that people have been looped into because they were busy staring at their phone screens, in hopes of catching some rare ‘mon. However, Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs' hyped yet divisive game, also has its own set of benefits, and one that's surprising even for health-conscious individuals.

A new study (via Mirror) has shown that Pokemon Go players actually got to enjoy a particular benefit while playing: achieving the required 10,000 steps per day. In fact, players who fall under the obese or overweight category benefited the most when Pokemon Go exploded as the must-play game.

The study, which was conducted by a group of researchers were interested in seeing whether Pokemon Go is actually a good way to engage people into regular physical activity to shake off a rather sedentary lifestyle.


Rounding up some 167 iPhone users who played Pokemon Go, the researchers were able to determine a significant result:

"Our findings suggest that active-play games, such as Pokemon Go, may encourage people who live sedentary lives, who otherwise may not participate in traditional forms of exercise, to increase their physical activity."

This means that those who played were actually twice as likely to reach 10,000 daily steps once they get into the Pokemon Go habit. The record for added steps holds at 3,000 for both players who have low physical activity and those who are in the obese category.

Still, the biggest enemy of Pokemon Go is decline or lack of interest. That's basically what had happened before Niantic Labs released the additional Gen 2 ‘mons that can now be captured.

This seems to be a good heads-up to ensure that the game doesn't get eaten up by other games. So far, Niantic Labs seems to be listening intently. In the meantime, we're crossing our fingers for another great event, perhaps this time with even more Candy and easier ‘mons to catch.

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