YouTuber Pulls Extremely Rare Pokemon Charizard Card Worth $75K Live

YouTuber Lee 'Leonhart' Steinfeld recently scored one of the rarest Pokemon cards worth thousands on his last pack during his live broadcast. The collector only had three packs left after opening a Base Set booster box which had been sealed since 1999, and after an hour-and-a-half of misses, things were looking unlucky for Leonhart.

However, the content creator went wild after he managed to pull the Shadowless Charizard on his final pack.

"A Charizard in the last pack, baby," Leonhart screamed in a pure moment of joy. "Oh God, I got to stop, I got to stop, I'm gonna faint here, I’m going to faint. A Shadowless Charizard."

The Pokemon collectible is notably rare due to being a limited early print where there's no shadow around the border of the holographic card.

You can watch the final pack opening around the 1:22:00 mark in the video embedded below:

With millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel, the 34-year-old collector pulled what fans are calling "the luckiest pull of all time".

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During the stream, the Pokemon YouTuber revealed that the Base Set box he opened originally came from an employee of Wizards of the Coast and has been sealed since 1999. Leonhart immediately put a card sleeve protector to protect the value of the card. If you're wondering what the value of this card is, the PSA graded 10 version of the Shadowless Charizard sold for over $75,000 at a PWCC auction in 2021.

However, there's now way to tell if Leonhart's Charizard would receive a perfect 10 just by watching the video. The fact that it comes straight out of the pack would lead some to assume it would get a perfect score, but grading the card accurately would require a closer inspection.

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