13 Oct 2020 1:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Nintendo Issues Cease-and-Desist Order Against TikTok Influencer Over Pokemon Branding

Credit: The Pokemon Company

Gaming giant Nintendo has issued a cease-and-desist order against a TikTok influencer over apparent copyright infringement violations. The influencer in question goes by the name Digitalprincxss these days but she originally used the username Pokeprincxss. Her content happens to feature a lot of Pokemon-related imagery and merchandise which in fact violates the company's policy opting Nintendo to take legal action.

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Digitalprincxss also happens to run an OnlyFans account which she thinks contributed to Nintendo's overall decision. In a video she posted on YouTube, she explained: "Nintendo doesn't want people to think that I'm in any way, shape or form affiliated with them, or that I have a partnership with them, and it all comes back to me being an adult entertainer." Not only was she forced to change her already established username, but she was also forced to give all of her earnings back. Check out her full explanation here:

In the end, the influencer didn't take offense with Nintendo's decision and she even reminded her followers not to commit the same mistakes she did. Speaking more about the issue in an interview with Kotaku, Digitalprincxss shared: "I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to play the victim in the situation, and only hope to be somebody people can learn from and not make the same mistakes I did." Well, at least she learned her lesson, right? So to young folks out there, be mindful of the branded stuff you feature on your online content. You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a cease-and-desist order from a billion-dollar company.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon Journeys: The Series is streaming on Netflix.

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