Poe Dameron Saying Goodbye to Leia in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Was Oscar Isaac's Idea

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was a fairly flawed movie that a lot of fans are going to debate about for many years but it did have a few quality scenes in there. Most of the actors were fine for the most part and the action was solid throughout but most people will remember how bad some of the reveals were. However, it did also give Star Wars fans the chance to say goodbye to Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher and that makes this film a bit special to some.

In an interesting bit of trivia, actor Oscar Isaac revealed that it was his idea to have Poe Dameron say goodbye to Leia, which was one of the many emotional scenes in the film. Isaac revealed this during The Skywalker Legacy documentary (via ComicBook.com), which was a nice bit of thinking from the actor. Considering how close he was with Fisher while filming this trilogy, he probably really wanted to say goodbye in some way.

"When the Resistance loses Leia, Poe finds himself inheriting a Resistance that's on the brink of collapse. It's clear that Leia had been grooming him for leadership, but he doesn't even know if there's anything to lead at this point. That scene wasn't originally in the film and I talked to [director] J.J. [Abrams] about, 'Well I think that it'd be great to just see a moment that Poe has with Leia. Even just a moment for him to say goodbye.' That speaks to J.J.'s ability to try things."

The Rise of Skywalker is far from a good movie but the fact that Abrams was more than willing to listen to his actors when it came to improving scenes was pretty cool of him. We're sure that Abrams will do the same for his actors in future films, which we can't wait for. All of the Star Wars films, including The Rise of Skywalker, are now available on digital stores.

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