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PlayStation 5 Will Have a 4K Blu-ray Player

Secret's out! Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 5 sometime in Holiday 2020, just in time for holiday payday. The console is expected to bring gaming to a new era, much like Project Scarlet, which is Microsoft's New Xbox console. While we don't know how much better the graphics are going to be, load times are expected to drastically change and be much quicker.

While minor, fans will also be happy to know that the PlayStation 5 will be able to play 4K Blu-rays. This isn't a huge surprise since the PlayStation 3 was able to play Blu-rays but it's still a good feature to have since it will help some consumers save money. The feature was revealed during an in-depth interview with Wired.

Admittedly, being able to play 4K Blu-rays on your PlayStation 5 is going to be a nice feature but most fans are already pleased with the fact that PlayStation 4 games will be playable. It gives us gamers a good reason to keep our copies of Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War, though more information on this would be nice. Will we be able to play all of our PS4 games? Or is it just going to play Sony exclusives?

In this day and age, it's actually kind of amusing seeing Sony confirm a 4K Blu-ray player, with everyone going to Netflix nowadays. Still, if the console is expected to have games run in 4K than having it play movies is far from a bad thing.

The PlayStation 5 is coming out on Holiday 2020.

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