Sony Announces PlayStation 5 for Holiday 2020

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It's time to get ready for the next generation as The PlayStation Blog has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be coming out on holiday 2020. This is a huge deal and definitely limits the appeal of those planning to get a PS4 or PS4 PRO. Still, it appears that the next-gen console wars are upon us but at least we'll have backward-compatibility this time.

On the US PS Blog, they revealed more details about the new PS5 controller we'll be getting, which will reportedly enhance our gaming experience by a large margin. This new controller will adopt "haptic feedback," which will replace the rumble technology we've all been used to for many years. Apparently, this will make certain in-game events feel unique, so a car crashing on the wall is going to feel different from a football player tackling someone.

Another supposed innovation coming to the PS5 controller is new adaptive triggers, which will allow developers to mess with the L2 and R2 buttons. This means that they can work on how resistant these triggers are, which will make more in-game actions feel immersive, describing how using a bow and arrow will feel slightly more realistic.


These all sound interesting but most of us are just happy that the PS5 will be able to play all of our PS4 games. Hopefully, this means they won't be releasing remastered versions of classics like Marvel's Spider-Man or Horizon Zero Dawn since Sony already stated that the PS5 will not only play them but also make these games flow better, essentially removing load times.

So, PlayStation 5 on Holiday 2020. Are you all ready?

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