Peter Mayhew Puts a ‘Period’ on ‘Han Shot First' Debate, Shares Original Star Wars Script

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The Mos Eisley Cantina scene of Han Solo and Greedo in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope had become a long-standing debate ever since George Lucas decided to further perfect the Star War original trilogy in the Special Editions. While he added stunning new visual effects in the beloved space opera saga, he also tweaked that moment of Han Solo and Greedo arguing. Suddenly, Solo shot Greedo in self-defense.

Since then, fans worldwide had since been debating whether the smuggler really pulled the trigger first.

Fortunately, Chewbacca himself has decided to put a period to the debate once and for all. Actor Peter Mayhew just posted a series of pages from the original Star Wars script via his official Twitter account.

Check out four pages of the script below:


Last month, Mayhew announced that he would be tweeting pages from the original Star Wars script daily. Looks like the 71-year-old actor has kept true to his word.


As seen in images, Greedo was never mentioned as firing any shot. It's clear now that Solo's gun was where the first blast came from.

Honestly, I don't think fans need any more clearing up on the issue, but at least the debate is finished once and for all. So, thank you Peter Mayhew for putting that argument to rest and in peace, may it rest.

My only question is, why hadn't anyone thought of this before?

Still in doubt? You might want to take a look at the video below: