PETA Gets Roasted By Pokemon Fans After Trying To Make Statement With Wooloo

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PETA has been going after the fictionalized creatures in The Pokemon Company's various Pokemon games over the years and time and time again, the animal rights organization's attempts at making lessons out of Pokemon never really turn out well.

It seems like PETA still hasn't learned at all, because this week the organization tried to make a statement regarding the franchise's newest Pokemon addition, Wooloo. Taking to Twitter, PETA made a post calling out the wool industry, this time using Pokemon Sword and Shield's new Wooloo.

For those who aren't familiar with the Pokemon yet, Wooloo is a soft cuddly Pokemon that was just made public last week in the franchise's upcoming titles Pokemon Sword and Shield. There isn't much known about Wooloo just yet, but fans don't seem to appreciate the Pokemon being used in PETA's little public service announcements.

Check out the animal rights organization's post right here:


Wooloo became an instant fan-favorite Pokemon once it was introduced as a generation eight Pokemon last week. The Pokemon was so popular, that fans would draw fan-art of it.

Responding to the post on Twitter, Pokemon gamers have been criticizing PETA, calling out the organization for its gimmick. Not only have gamers been sending out memes, but they've been asking others to drag "Drag PETA's ass" on the issue. Others have been editing PETA's post, changing the organization's "I'm not your Wooloo sweater" to "Help me I'm being held hostage."


We certainly understand the outrage of the Pokemon fanbase, though we do know PETA probably had good intentions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield hits shelves November 15 this year.

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