Yoda Fountain Goes Viral With Black Lives Matter Message

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Last week, Star Wars and members of the Star Wars family have voiced their support for the Black Lives Matter movement that sprung up after the death of African American man George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.

Today, a photo of the Yoda fountain outside the Lucasfilm campus in San Francisco began circulating online. At the bottom of the statue was a chalk message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Written in the backwards-speaking pattern of Yoda, the message reads: "Matter Black Lives do."


The picture began spreading across Twitter and was then confirmed by Disney as an authentic photo of the Yoda fountain. Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill and Star Wars sequel trilogy star John Boyega re-shared the picture, reiterating their support for the Black Lives Matter campaign.

You can check the photo out down here:

Boyega has always been vocal about his stance against racism and inequality, so when news of the Black Lives Matter movement came, the Star Wars actor was quick to join the fight. Days after the protests began, Boyega took to social media to express his support, sounding off against police brutality and racial discrimination.


That wasn't all of course. Boyega made the headlines when he decided to take to the streets, delivering a passionate speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London.

Though the actor admitted that he wasn't sure whether he would have "a career after this," Boyega went on to speak up on behalf of the movement.

"Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important. We have always meant something. We have always succeeded regardless. And now is the time. I ain't waiting," Boyega shouted into a megaphone.

Now, Star Wars continues to show its support for BLM.


The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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