Disney Is Closing Fox 2000 And People Are Getting Pissed & Sad

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Fox 2000 is being shut down in one of the more shocking moves by Disney in its first days of the 20th Century Fox acquisition.

This is the division behind iconic films like The Devil Wears Prada and The Life of Pi. Movies you will know from Fox 2000 also include Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Fault in our Stars.

After the films currently in production under Fox 2000 are completed, the label will be no more. Among these projects are The Art of Racing in the Rain with Kevin Costner and The Woman in the Window with Amy Adams and Gary Oldman.


Unsurprisingly, this move met with frustration. One of the people upset by the decision was producer Marty Bowen, whose notable films he made for Fox 200 include the groundbreaking Love, Simon.

"I'm honestly angry, shocked and really, really hurt. As a lifetime fan of all things Disney, this is difficult for me to say, but I think the shuttering of Fox 2000 is going to go down as the one big mistake The Mouse has made in an otherwise flawless strategy," Bowen told The Hollywood Reporter.

He described the Fox 2000 Bungalow as a "safe haven for filmmakers." He thinks that Disney is essentially taking down a place "where laughter and tears coexist and where the first thought was always 'what's best for the movie.'"

"I know efficiencies must be achieved when two behemoths become one, but we can never forget the importance creativity and passion play in the process of making great movies," he went on to say.

Those who got the chance to experience the wonders of the company as filmmakers, creative staff, or fans voiced their thoughts on the shutdown.


The closure of Fox 2000 means that the head, Elizabeth Gabler, could also get the boot. If you loved films like The Hate U Give and Hidden Figures, she's one of the people to thank. She is known as a bold risk-taker who took mid-budget films and made them into blockbuster hits and classics.


Before the Disney and Fox merger, however, she was able to put several projects in motion including an adaptation of the novel Children of Blood and Bone and a Civil War period piece News of the World starring Tom Hanks.

The only thing that will be left of Fox 2000 now that Disney and Fox are one is the library of films that came out of it. This means that you could watch these movies on Disney-owned platforms such as the streaming service.

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