Disney's Poor Handling of Fox Acquisition Left Employees Panicking and Angry

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Credit: Disney / 21st Century Fox

While the Disney and Fox merger was something that many anticipated, it was one that employees dreaded. Layoffs have officially begun as the Mouse House "hits the ground running" with the multi-billion dollar acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Unsurprisingly, staff members are outraged by how the entertainment giant has treated them throughout.

Employees are left fearing for their jobs because Disney apparently hasn't been very clear and "forthcoming" about who will be laid off and how long they have before they get the boot.

The company hasn't even revealed how many employees will be left without jobs by the end of the transition. It is being projected to be 4,000 to 10,000, but it could be fewer.


An employee that spoke to The Hollywood Reporter has nothing but hatred for everyone who made the deal happen, telling the publication, "Today I hate everybody. I hate Disney for buying Fox, I hate Fox for selling, I hate the politicians for allowing it to happen."

Many of the folks from the film department were apparently the first to go. 20th Century Fox film president of domestic distribution Chris Aronson, president of worldwide marketing Pamela Levine, co-president of marketing Kevin Campbell, chief content officer Tony Sella, international distribution president Andrew Cripps, executive VP of corporate communications Dan Berger, executive VP of legal affairs Bob Cohen and executive VP of publicity Heather Phillips were all let go. On the TV side, Twentieth Television president Greg Meidel was among the first people to get the bad news. Fox Consumer Products boss Jim Fielding has also been removed along with five people in his department.

Over at Disney, things have also been crazy as the lack of information continues to grip staff members. Although a lot of the layoffs have so far affected only the Fox camp, it has been rumored in the past that thousands of workers from the Mouse House could get the ax as well.

One employee shares frustration over the poor communication during the whole ordeal, saying "We feel like we're the ones who have been acquired because the people at Fox know what their severance packages are, if they are going to get let go, and nobody at Disney knows anything. People are panicking, and rightfully so, because nobody is telling them anything."

Indeed, the purge of sorts has been brutal for the Disney and Fox people to be a part of and to witness. Information about severance package, at least for the Fox employees, has been provided, but people still would appreciate it if they actually knew if they will be getting one.

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