Pedro Pascal is Still Being Blamed for Gina Carano's Star Wars Firing

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It's been over two years since Gina Carano's shocking ousting from the Star Wars franchise but it's still the subject of discourse within the fandom. While some believe Disney did the right thing with its decision to fire The Mandalorian star, others have voiced their support for the ex-MMA fighter.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

To give you a refresher, Carano was removed from The Mandalorian following her controversial socio-political posts on social media. It also resulted in the supposed Rangers of the New Republic series getting canned altogether, a project that would have seen Cara Dune at the forefront.

Now, with the latest season of The Mandalorian finally dropping, calls for Carano's reinstatement in the franchise have once again commenced. However, Chapter 17 made it crystal clear that while the character still exists in the MandoVerse, the next time she pops up on our screens, she'll most likely be played by a different actress.

Even Carano herself has seemingly given up on the idea of her reprising her Cara Dune role. Earlier this month, she took to her Twitter account to officially bid farewell to the character she played for two seasons of the hit Disney+ show.

Despite Carano seemingly finally coming to terms with her fate, it appears that some fans still have a bone to pick with Pedro Pascal who is being accused of not standing up for his co-star during the height of her controversial firing.

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It's worth mentioning that Pedro never made any comments about Gina's firing despite some of his Mandalorian co-stars voicing their support for her. Now, we don't know if there's actual animosity between the two former co-actors.

The Mandalorian Season 3's next episode hits Disney+ tomorrow.

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