Peacemaker: Amanda Waller Spinoff Officially on the Go

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James Gunn and Peter Safran have unveiled their plans for the new DCU which consists of new films, live-action TV shows, and animated shows that are going to be part of one cohesive and interconnected universe. As expected, the slate consists of the familiar DC characters that we know such as Superman, Batman, and more.

Some fans are wondering about the status of the second season of Peacemaker, which was given a greenlight almost a year ago. Now, we finally have a new update and, unfortunately, the plans for the second season are being put on hold for now, but we will still see the characters on another project.


As reported by Deadline, the DC Studios heads have confirmed that the Peacemaker spinoff Waller is officially on the go at HBO Max with Viola Davis reprising the role of Amanda Waller, who we've seen in several DC films and TV shows as the morally ambiguous head of a government task force.

Not only that, the characters from Peacemaker are going to be part of the series as Amanda Waller will be teaming up with them on the spinoff and it will be set between the events of the first and second seasons of Peacemaker.


"We’re using the same actors, this is a continuation of Peacemaker. I’m working on Superman, so we can’t do Peacemaker season 2. We’re working on Waller in between," Gunn said to the press during their unveiling of the DCU plan.

Watchmen executive producer Christal Henry is executive producing and writing the series. She is joined by the creator of the recently-canceled DC series Doom Patrol, Jeremy Carver, who is also part of the writing team.

The temporary pause of the second season of Peacemaker is a result of Gunn's focus on the first DCU movie Superman: Legacy, which he is writing. The series is expected to premiere before the film lands in theaters on July 2025.

The Waller project is part of the new DCU TV slate that Gunn and Safran announced alongside Creature Commandos, Lanterns, the Wonder Woman-prequel spinoff Paradise Lost, and Booster Gold.

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