21 Jan 2021 11:41 AM +00:00 UTC

Paul Bettany Adds Bernie Sanders Meme in WandaVision

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is not exactly a stranger when it comes to internet jokes or memes. However, Bernie Sanders being made into a meme reached new heights after the Senator was seen at Joe Biden's inauguration.

Sanders was seen in the inauguration, with his mittens and trademark brown coat, looking as if all he wanted to do was simply be indoors and get warmed up. Instantly, the image of Sanders was immediately inserted into every piece of pop culture imaginable, which includes Marvel's new series on Disney+, WandaVision.

Vision actor Paul Bettany posted the image of Sanders in a still shot of the series, showing Sanders sitting inside the magic box in the show's second episode. The specific scene in question was from the talent show at Westview.

In the scene, Vision accidentally gets the gum stuck in his gears, which caused him to appear drunk. The actor shared the Sanders' meme with the caption, "Good morning."


Joining the Sanders' memes is a great way for WandaVision to become a part of the cultural conversation. The series is already making its mark in pop culture. Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch's actress Elizabeth Olsen said that the series is a huge step for female-centric storytelling.

In a statement to Interview Magazine, Olsen said that a female-driven story that is authentic and true to everything else is a step forward. She added that it is something interesting that the show showcases parenting, as well as the desire to create a bubble and control is a larger metaphor and experience of what it means to be a parent.

Olsen added, "Like, how much you would want to actually expose your child to, and when, and what age, and how quickly they grow up. I think there is something very maternal about it, as well, which is what I love. Even her birthing this creation from Greece. I don't really know how much to talk about this show, to be honest, without spoilers."

WandaVision releases new episodes every Friday morning on Disney+.

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