Patty Jenkins Talks About Zack Snyder's Day On The Set Of Wonder Woman

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The release of Wonder Woman on Blu-Ray and DVD will give us some great behind-the-scenes clips and footage, and there's a snippet which has director Patty Jenkins talking about the day when Zack Snyder worked with her on the set of WW. Check it out:

A lot of fans already knew that Snyder had made a cameo as one of the soldiers in the movie, but what we didn't know was that he was also there to help direct the photo of Wonder Woman taking a pose with her squadron—the very same photo that we first saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Though Snyder seemed like a bigger part of the DCEU back then, it seems that he'll be taking a backseat in the universe for now. Some other fans may even consider this a relief since Snyder's DC movies, though visually stunning, have admittedly come into trouble when it comes to story. Who can forget the tidal wave of ‘Martha' memes when BvS came out?

As for now, Patty Jenkins has been officially signed on to direct the Wonder Woman sequel, and the story is said to take place in the 80s, with the Cold War serving as the setting. We all know that Diana has basically gone incognito by the time BvS rolls out, so perhaps something in the movie will give us a look on why Wonder Woman decided to stop her super-heroing.

Wonder Woman 2 is set for a release in 2019, but we can catch Diana this year in the upcoming Justice League on Nov. 17.

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