Patty Jenkins Slams Day-To-Date Releases After Wonder Woman 1984 HBO Max Release

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There is little doubt that people had mixed feelings about Wonder Woman 1984 being released on HBO Max. Although it gave fans the convenience of seeing the sequel in the comfort of their own home, that also meant missing out on experiencing Diana Prince's return on the big screen. However, Patty Jenkins is understandably heartbroken by WW84's digital release and refuses to go through the same thing with future projects.

It's no secret that Wonder Woman 1984 was delayed repeatedly in the past, even before the pandemic era. The sequel was initially set to premiere in December 2019 but had to be pushed back several times the following year. Warner Bros. ultimately chose to release the film simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max to prevent yet another delay.

Not surprisingly, Jenkins understands the business side of it but also admits it wasn't what she wanted. The Wonder Woman director was in attendance at a luncheon event at CinemaCon where she spoke about WW84's day-to-date release.


"It was the best choice in a bunch of bad choices at the moment," Jenkins said (via Deadline). She then confessed that although she accepted it, the whole situation was a "heartbreaking experience."

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Not surprisingly, Jenkins stated that she despises digital releases and is determined not to go through the same situation again.

"I'm not a fan of day-and-date and I hope to avoid it forever," the filmmaker exclaimed.

We're hoping that Jenkins doesn't have to deal with this again. Hopefully, the next sequel Wonder Woman 3, which will reunite the filmmaker with Gal Gadot again, will get a full theatrical release in the future.

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