Patrick Stewart Discusses His Goals for Returning to Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard has had mixed reviews from fans so far but people are willing to give it a chance since it has had some interesting story elements and unique twists. We're hoping a second season, which has already been greenlit, improves on the show's pacing and gives us even more of what we like. As we wait for more season 2 news, Patrick Stewart recently decided to talk about his goals for the series and himself.

During an interview with Variety and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, Stewart revealed that he wants to challenge himself with this new series, much like Logan did for himself and co-star Hugh Jackman. He feels that Picard's adventures during The Next Generation basically finished his character arc but the new series has actually breathed new life into him, which is something the acclaimed actor really wanted.

"What I did want — to the writers, I cited the movie Logan that I did with Hugh Jackman, the last of the X-Men movies. That movie found the two of us in conditions that were totally unlike anything that we experienced before, and it was thrilling for both of us because we were continually being challenged. I said to my fellow producers, 'I would like the same thing.' The contrast between the Picard that I had been in Next Generation, and how the years that have passed had changed him. He was now angry, moody, guilty, sad, lonely, which he had never been before."

You always want some driving motivation when you're an artist so changing a character who seemingly didn't need any more development is one way to shake up this franchise. While fans are still a bit mixed about Picard, we're sure that a second season is going to make things better so here's hoping we get some genuine improvement.

Star Trek: Picard will be returning for a second season, though no release date has been unveiled.

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