Park Seo Joon Skincare: Here's How the Itaewon Class Star ​​Gets Age-Defying Glow

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube Screenshot

Korean actors like Park Seo Joon are no strangers when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Although it is quite taboo for some men, Hallyu stars are more open about maintaining their skin fresh and youthful despite having busy schedules.

Interestingly, the Itaewon Class star once revealed his secret to perfect-looking skin.

Park Seo Joon Skincare Trick is by Using Sheet Masks Everyday

While some Korean actresses opt for the 12-skincare routine, the 33-year-old heartthrob likes to keep things minimal.

In 2016, he appeared as a guest on KBS2TV's Entertainment Weekly and dishes out his holy grail. 

Park Seo Joon's skincare routine includes using one sheet mask per day. The actor prefers to take care of his skin while he is still in his youth to slow down signs of aging.

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Is Park Seo Joon's Skincare Routine Worth a Try?

Although it may seem too much for others, it's one way to indulge and treat the skin after a long day at work.

Per Allure, dermatologists recommend using sheet masks every day if your skin is not acne-prone since some ingredients found on these masks are considered "occlusive and can block pores."

For those who have normal skin type, often using sheet masks "can help boost your skin's hydration levels" by pushing the ingredients deep into the skin.

As for those with sensitive skin, Park Seo Joon's skincare trick could do wonders since sheet masks "has fewer preservatives and have fewer chances of causing irritation."

In the same report, a New York City-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman recommends looking at those products that contain ceramides. It helps to create a skin barrier and locks moisture into your skin, preventing dryness and irritation.

Another substance that you need to look for in sheet masks is those that contain squalene. Considered a star ingredient, it also boosts hydration to help skin appear plumper, healthier and vibrant. It also has antioxidants that fight skin damage and free radicals, which slows down the aging process.

Adding to the list are those sheet masks with hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, or you can choose those with vitamin C or niacinamide for everyday use.

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