Park Min Young Skincare 2022: Forecasting Love And Weather Star's On-the-Go Beauty Must-Have

Credit: Just Parkminyoung / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Just Parkminyoung / YouTube screenshot

K-drama fans couldn't resist the timeless beauty of Park Min Young in Forecasting Love and Weather with heartthrob Song Kang.

In the JTBC K-drama, the Hallyu star took on the role of weather forecaster Jin Ha Kyung, who does everything by the book and is known to her colleague as an "outsider by choice."

In reality, it seems like the 36-year-old actress has a bubbly personality, as seen on her YouTube channel.

Aside from being a Hallyu star, she is also a YouTuber. Park Min Young launched her channel, Just ParkMinYoung, in 2020, joining a list of South Korean stars like Park Seo Joon, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, and more, who have started making vlogs.

One of her most viewed contents was the "What's in My Bag" video, where the actress revealed the list of her most used items.

Interestingly, the video also contains Park Min Young's skincare must-haves. With that said, here's a rundown of the actress' on-the-go beauty must-haves.

Sooryehan Chunsam Radiant White Mask

Inside her very spacious shopper bag from Tod's, the Her Private Life star swears by the wonders of Sooryehan Chunsam Radiant White Mask.

Naming it as one of her favorite facial masks, she includes this as one of her on-the-go essentials because it helps brighten and hydrate the skin while prepping the skin before shoots.

The product also contains anti-aging properties for glowing and radiant skin.

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Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment

Another must-have on Park Min Young's skincare are lip balms and for her, she uses Blistex medicated lip ointment.

Of course, who would want dry and chapped lips? To boost hydration and keep lips moisturized, especially in colder countries like South Korea, the actress prefers lip balm that provides moisture and medication in one.

According to her, she applies it at night before sleeping and wakes up with luscious and supple lips the next day.

Sooryehan Ginseng Essence Advanced

From lips balms to face masks, Park Min Young's skincare essentials also include a ginseng essence from Sooryehan.

According to its website, this essence contains extracts from jirisan natural ginseng, which is also considered an anti-aging component, making the skin smooth and firm. It's no surprise how the actress looked like she's in her 20s when she's actually 36.

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Interestingly, she also mentioned carrying a 175 USD hairbrush from Mason Pearson, which keeps her long silky hair tangled and frizz-free.

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