Park Min Young Allegedly Broke Up With Controversial CEO Boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun One Day After Relationship Was Exposed

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A day after Dispatch exposed Park Min Young's relationship with the controversial CEO Kang Jong Hyun, her agency, Hook Entertainment, announced they had already broken up.

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Fans expressed concern over Park Min Young after Dispatch unveiled Kang Jong Hyun's shady past. Allegedly, the entrepreneur has significant amounts of illegal private loans, accumulating his incredible wealth through "illegal dealings."


Hook Entertainment Addresses Park Min Young, Kang Jong Hyun's Relationship

Hook Entertainment released a statement on Thursday, September 29, to shut down all the rumors surrounding its artists and the business.

Though it acknowledged that they were indeed in a relationship, it revealed they had already broken up.

"Regarding actress Park Min Young's dating news, we apologize for the delayed statement as it took some time for the agency to confirm the facts," it said via Soompi. "First of all, Park Min Young has broken up with the individual mentioned in the dating rumors."


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It also cleared that the 36-year-old star didn't receive "significant monetary benefits" from Park Min Young.

It also revealed that her sister, Mr. Park, had resigned from her position as INBIOGEN's outside director.

Park Min Young to Focus on Love in Contract

Hook Entertainment also revealed that Park Min Young's top priority today is to complete the filming for her ongoing hit drama Love in Contract.

"So, she will do her best not to cause harm to the broadcast," it continued.

It then promised that the Forecasting Love and Weather star would be more cautious of her actions, as well as her family and everyone who's connected to her. She will now be more responsible as an actress and public figure.


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"We once again ask for your generous understanding in order for actress Park Min Young to fully focus on the remainder of filming for her drama," Hook Entertainment added.

Fans React to Park Min Young, Kang Jong Hyun's Breakup

Amid Hook Entertainment's announcement, it looks like netizens aren't convinced that Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun have already broken up.

"They broke up in just one day?" one fan can't help but ask in a discussion on The Qoo.

"That was easy to break up with him," another said.

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Some couldn't even believe they had already parted ways, especially since it happened a day after the news emerged.

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