Park Eun Bin Relationship: Extraordinary Attorney Woo Star Reveals Ideal Type

Credit: The Swoon / Youtube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / Youtube screenshot

Amid her extreme popularity, thanks to her recent K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin has never experienced dating.

The former child star turned in-demand actress once spoke about her love life and shared her ideal type.

Is Park Eun Bin Single?

Park Eun Bin’s relationship status is quite out of the ordinary. This stunning actress is 29 years old and shared that she has never been in a relationship.

As obtained by Koreaboo, during her 2016 interview with JTBC, the actress pointed out her similarity with her character, Song Ji Won, in the rom-com series Age of Youth.

“The biggest thing in common I have with Song Ji Won is that we both have never dated,” she said, adding “When I tell people that I have never dated, they never believe me.”

Who would have thought that someone with such alluring and captivating beauty as Park Eun Bin had been single since she was born?

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However, the actress revealed the reason why she thinks dating is not her thing right now.

In a separate interview, she revealed that she initially “wanted to hide the fact” that she had never dated.

For the actress, she pointed out that she “just never had the opportunity to meet someone.”

Moreover, she also mentioned the term mote-solo, a Korean term that means "no boyfriend since birth.”

Park Eun Bin says she dislikes the term since it is often used in a negative way, making a person feel as if something is wrong with them.

As for her ideal type, she likes someone "who is innocent and nice" and a man who cares for her well, and at the same time, a person could treat her as a friend and would be comfortable around him.

Despite Park Eun Bin’s relationship status being a member of a single club for a long time, her career continues to skyrocket.

From Age of Youth to Extraordinary Attorney Woo

At 29, the actress starred in several remarkable K-dramas and played tons of roles.

However, it was the Age of Youth where she gained massive popularity.

From then on, Park Eun Bin is considered one of K-drama’s rising stars and eventually becomes among the sought-after female leads of her generation.

Interestingly, in 2021, she once again mesmerized viewers with her charm as she played Yeon Seon in The King’s Affection alongside Rowoon.

It was then followed by another smash hit K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo which is currently among the most-watched series this 2022.

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