Paramount And Hasbro Seal The Deal For More Toy-Based Movies

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It wasn't that long ago when Hasbro announced Allspark Pictures, a new film studio that would focus on making big screen adaptations of the various properties owned by the company. Now, Deadline has revealed that Paramount Pictures signed a new deal with Hasbro to help produce and distribute movies based on the toy company's brands. Considering the massive success of the Transformers movies, this could be considered an expected movie.

This new deal will expand on the previous deal they had, which resulted in five Transformers films and two GI Joe movies. My Little Pony: The Movie was an Allspark Pictures film as well, though it was distributed by Legendary and not Paramount. It will be interesting to see if that changes, now that this deal is being made.

Allspark Pictures will be in charge of the upcoming Bumblebee spinoff that fans are excited about, as well as the unexpected Monopoly movie. Paramount is also planning Transformers 6, though it looks like Michael Bay won't be returning unless he says otherwise. If Transformers: The Last Knight is anything to go by, this might be a good decision.

Expect more Allspark Pictures movies to be announced in the near future. Bumblebee is currently slated for a December 21, 2018, release date.

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