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Paper Mario: The Origami King Announced for Nintendo Switch and Breaks the Internet

It looks like the rumors were true! While a Super Mario 3D HD Collection wasn't announced, we are getting a brand-new game in the Paper Mario series with the newly announced Paper Mario: The Origami King. Nintendo released the first trailer and we were all surprised to see that the game will be coming out in two months, which means that this must have been worked on for some time. Regardless, we're glad that Paper Mario is making a comeback and we can't wait to see more(io).

Slated for a July 17 release, The Origami King has an awesome trailer filled with paper puns that fans of this franchise are more than happy to see. It also looks like this game will bring back more RPG elements that Sticker Star and Color Splash ditched, which will make old-school fans jump for joy. Granted, Color Splash does have a lot of fans but that's mostly due to the writing.

The plot is silly, just like most of these games; origami creations have taken over the paper version of the Mushroom Kingdom and have even turned Princess Peach into an origami creature. Mario is forced to team up with Bowser and other characters who haven't been influenced by the origami movement in order to turn things back to normal.

What's really shocking about this game is that it wasn't part of a Nintendo Direct or any special event. Why they decided to go this route will remain a mystery but with two months before it comes out, here's hoping that this is a worthwhile game for Nintendo Switch owners.

Paper Mario: The Origami Kingdom is coming to Switch on July 17.

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