Lego Super Mario Tabletop Game Officially Revealed

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After a few teases, Nintendo and Lego have officially announced Lego Super Mario. When it was first teased, many of us assumed that this would just be a series of toys and nothing more but that doesn't appear to be the case. Instead, this looks like a brand-new tabletop game with Lego figures and a unique Mario figure that can collect coins by doing various tasks.

This is definitely one of the more unique Mario products out there since it's basically a board game where players have to make sure Nintendo's iconic plumber makes his way around the level safely. The video above shows that he can actually get hurt if players aren't careful, which is a really neat mechanic in this odd tabletop game.


Say what you will about Nintendo and Lego but this is a pretty unique experience for both of them. The fact that this Mario figurine also has its own soundbites and visual cues for coin collecting, time managing, or pain is really neat. If you know anyone who likes Mario but doesn't care for the modern video game climate, this could be an interesting way to get them into the franchise.

Interestingly enough, it seems like Lego Super Mario was supposed to be announced during a Nintendo Direct as a previous listing for the product mentions it. Damage control was done soon after and any mention of the Nintendo Direct has been removed, though rumors of a new direct have since popped up.

Lego Super Mario will be coming out later this year.

Via Lego

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