02 Mar 2017 2:19 PM +00:00 UTC

Overwatch Officially Unveils New Hero Orisa

After months of speculation on Doomfist, the new hero has been finally announced. Say hello to Orisa, the 24th hero of Overwatch!

According to the lore, Orisa is actually one of the omnic units that fought in the crisis (like Bastion), but she was modified by Efi Oladele to battle one of the villains of Numbani — Doomfist. According to a recent developer update from Jeff Kaplan, Orisa will be another entry in the tank division of heroes, and she has a lot of defensive capabilities that are sure to make some great plays.


Orisa's abilities are listed as follows:

Fusion Driver (Primary Weapon) – A projectile-based machine gun that has more range than the other tanks in the lineup

Alt Fire – Orisa sends out an orb that temporarily draws enemies to it briefly — much like Zarya's Graviton Charge

Fortify (Tank Ability) – Makes Orisa tougher and harder to move. A great counter for heroes who can reposition enemies like Pharah and her Concussive Blast.

Protective Barrier – A shield barrier about half the size of Winston's bubble; Orisa can project it wherever she aims it, either nearby or further off.

Super Charger (Ultimate) – Orisa places down a super charger that can boost the damage of any teammate that's in the charger's line of sight — sounds like something close to Symmetra and her Shield Generator.

With Orisa, the developers were planning to make another tank hero that could anchor their teammates toward them (like Reinhardt). Also, her design was made so that the game could have female characters that are more "visually challenging."

Orisa sounds like a lot of fun, and I can't wait to play her when she comes out. Fans should also expect an announcement for Doomfist sometime soon — or maybe in a few months. Let's just be happy we have a new hero.


Overwatch is currently playable for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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