Overwatch is Getting Arcade Mode, Map & New Hero

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After so many teasers, a new hero, mode, and more are all coming to Overwatch.

Blizzard has released a new video featuring the very mysterious hacker hero Sombra. In the short film, we get a glimpse of her beginnings, and her transition from a child genius hacker to the glitchy girl fighter.

"Who is Sombra? To the system, she's nobody. She doesn't exist. No one remembers the girl. There were a thousand children like her after the war. But none of them could hack like she could. And she learned that people were just as easily manipulated. Now she understood how the world worked. Information is power. So she kept hacking—politicians, corporations, governments. It was an addiction. But for the first time, someone noticed her."

Her story doesn't end there, however. Following her discovery, it seems that Sombra underwent a transformation of her own, discarding the girl and becoming the infamous Sombra.

Apart from Sombra's official introduction, the developer also confirmed at Blizzcon 2016 (via Gamingbolt) some additional feature, such as the Arcade Mode. According to the report, the Arcade Mode will be live for test server and will deliver a more expanded look for the Brawls approach.

At the same time, it will have different modes, like the one versus one Mystery Duel, a best of nine mode, 3 on 3 Elimination in a best of five rounds, Mystery Heroes, and All Brawls. Arcade Mode will also grant players up to three Loot Box rewards every week, so long as they get to win three matches in Arcade.

This year will grant some interesting additions to Overwatch. Already, the Internet is exploding with excitement for Sombra. Make sure to watch the short animated origin story of the new character below.

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