Overwatch Crosses Over to World of Warcraft as Brawler’s Guild Returns

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Overwatch's heroes are making their way to Blizzard's popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, in a new update. Blizzard seems to be fond of referencing its successful first person shooter in its other games, and in patch 7.1.5 of World of Warcraft, the studio parodies more than six of Overwatch's heroes as it brings back a new set of fights with the Brawler's Guild.

The details of the new brawls coming World of Warcrafts way have been listed down by Wowhead and so far six characters from Overwatch have been spotted as parodies in the new update.

"Hudson, Dupree, Stuffshrew. This trio is a reference to Blizzard's popular game Overwatch. Hudson, a tribute to the gorilla Winston, puts up Barrier Projector and fires Tesla Cannon and Jump Pack. Dupree, a tribute to the cowboy McCree, casts High Noon. Stuffshrew, a tribute to Junkrat, casts Maniacal Laugh. Kill Dupree before High Noon goes off, disrupt Hudson's barrier, and avoid Stuffshrew's bombs. Data points to additional Ogrewatch bosses that could be rotated in, including Blinker for Tracer, Boargut for Roadhog, Render for Reaper, and Steingardt for Rhinehardt."


Six Overwatch superheroes parodied in World of Warcraft may seem like plenty of fun for Blizzard's fans, and the videogame developer may want to add in more to the game in future updates as well. Happy gaming on WoW everyone!

Via PCGamesN.

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