04 Dec 2018 12:28 PM +00:00 UTC

Overwatch Announces Winter Wonderland 2018

Blizzard has been having one heck of a busy year. After the release of new character Ashe in the game, Overwatch has just announced the return of their Winter Wonderland event for the year.

Check out the announcement:

Though we don't get any solid hints at what goodies are being dropped this Christmas season, we do know that the Blizzardworld map will be getting a winter makeover.


Like the last season, we should be expecting the return of some old game modes and probably some new ones as well. So far, the winter games include that of Mei's Snowball Offensive as well as Yeti Hunt. It's possible that both modes will be available to play for the holiday season, but it's possible that Blizzard will hold off this time around. After all, they didn't introduce anything new with the Summer Games or the Halloween Terror event.

Besides new game modes, I think most people are excited to see new skins and highlight intros coming with the update. A lot of heroes are due for a holiday skin, and I think it would be great if every hero down the line had a Legendary skin for each holiday. Where's Mrs. Claus Ana or Rudolph Orisa? I would also like to see a Santa Rein down the line as well. Who says Torb is the only Santa-type in the game?

Winter Wonderland 2018 comes to Overwatch Dec. 11 and ends Jan. 2.

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