13 Nov 2018 2:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Official Overwatch Cosplay Battle Announced


Today, Blizzard has announced that it's organizing a cosplay competition that pits six European countries against one another to see who can create the best Overwatch hero costume.

According to the press release, the competition called Overwatch Cosplay battle "is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and national pride."


Countries participating in the competition include France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russian, and the United Kingdom, and each of them will have three cosplayers representing their nation. They will have three months to work on a single costume, and each team's costume will be influenced by a community vote. The voting page is not online yet but it's expected to be up soon.

Blizzard has brought together a talented panel of judges to choose the winning team after the three months are over. Professional cosplayers Sosenka and Kamui will be joined by Blizzard artists Renaud Galand and Rachel Day. Judges will ultimately choose the Grand Final winner. but fans will get to vote on a community favorite.

Blizzard will announce the winners from the fan vote on November 26.

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