Outlander Season 6 Theme Song Change: What's Behind the Change and Why?

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During the season premiere on Sunday, Mar. 6, fans were surprised to hear Outlander Season 6's new theme song.

The Starz series is known for changing the opening song to match the current season's setting and content, but Outlander Season 6's new theme song, which features a male singer, is the most significant change to date. This shift foreshadows what fans of Diana Gabaldon's sixth Outlander novel, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, already know: major changes are on the way for Fraser's Ridge.

Outlander Season 6 Features a Modified Version of The Skye Boat Song

Raya Yarbrough performs a modified version of the classic Scottish ballad The Skye Boat Song as the Outlander theme song. And, while the new theme song for Outlander Season 6 is still The Skye Boat Song, and Yarbrough is still featured on it, the song is now started by Griogair Labhruidh and finishes in a duet.

According to Screen Rant, the decision to change the theme to a ballad sung by a male suggests that the new season is narrated through the lens of a male character, with Outlander Season 6 likely focusing on either Jamie or Roger.

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A New Chapter for a Male Lead

The Skye Boat Song from Outlander is sung by someone who has left their homeland to travel to a new land and has changed dramatically along the way. As a result, earlier versions of the Outlander theme song had a female singer, implying that the story was Claire's and lyricizing her trip across time to be with Jamie.

The fact that Jamie's voyage "over the seas to Skye"—Skye being an undiscovered land; in this case, America—to "mountains of rain and sun" is signaled by the song's duet at the end, implying that Claire and Jamie's story will comprise Outlander Season 6's secondary storyline.

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Alternatively, Season 6's new theme song might be sung by Roger rather than Jamie. Roger, like Claire, has traveled through time to be with his love, following Brianna through the stones in Outlander Season 4, and has changed a lot along the way.

Watch Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6 premiered on Starz on Mar. 6 (and is currently streaming on the Starz app) with a 90-minute premiere. New episodes will air every week at 9/8c.

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