Outer Banks Creator Jonas Pate is Working on His New Project in Wilmington

Jonas Pate, the co-creator of Netflix's popular teen drama Outer Banks, is reportedly filming the pilot for his latest project in Wilmington, North Carolina this month.

The public notice from Kimmie Stewart Casting posted on Sept. 29 said that the Wilmington company was seeking teenage extras for "United Band Project" from "North Carolina's own Jonas Pate!"

On Oct. 15, a "get to know you party" for cast and extras took place, and according to film permits filed with the city of Wilmington, the new project is shooting this month at New Hanover High School and other locations in the coastal city, including downtown and in the Carolina Heights and Forest Hills neighborhoods. The notice also details that filming will take place from October 21 to November 7, 2022.

The "Untitled Band Project" is reportedly about a high school rock band trying to make it big, and given Jonas Pate and his brother Josh Pate's success with Netflix's Outer Banks, there's a good chance that the new show would become a hit. However, the show with a pilot episode is still not guaranteed to be made into a full series.

Even if more episodes are ordered by Netlfix or some other streaming service or network, there's still no guarantee that production will all be entirely done in Wilmington, NC, where Pate currently lives.

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Earlier, Pate and his brother wrapped filming for Outer Banks Season 3, which is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2023. For those unfamiliar, Outer Banks (or "OBX" for short) is a teen drama starring Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline, and it follows the adventures of a group of teens from the coast of North Carolina who call themselves "Pogues" on a quest to search for lost treasures.

For more details about the upcoming season of OBX, check out everything we know about Outer Banks Season 3.

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