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Our Beloved Summer Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap + Did Kim Da Mi's Yeon Su And Choi Woo Shik's Choi Ung End Up Together?

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Our Beloved Summer is an SBS Kdrama that tells the story of two bickering ex-lovers forced to work together when the documentary they shot in high school went viral. The coming-of-age series raises anticipation whether the young love they had will bloom once more in between growth and complicated emotions.

Our Beloved Summer aired every Monday and Tuesday on SBS and Netflix simultaneously. The series premiered on December 6, 2021, and started with a satisfying nationwide viewership rating of 3.2%. The last episode was released on January 25, 2022, and received a nationwide viewership rating of 5.3%, which was the personal best of the Kdrama.

Also streaming in Netflix, Our Beloved Summer has settled on the Top 10 and stayed in the rankings throughout its episodes.

Here is the ending explained of Our Beloved Summer and the major points that viewers have to understand about the Kim Dami and Choi Woo Shik-starred Kdrama.

This article contains major spoilers! Read at your own risk.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 16 Recap

Our Beloved Summer Episode 16 sees Choi Ung finally discovering one thing he wants to do after many years of being content with what he has and just hoping to live peacefully.

Even though he is now successful as an artist, he notices that he has no certain ambitions in life, which makes the public think that he does not care about anything.

After realizing that his parents will always be proud of him whatever he does, Choi Ung chooses to do what his heart tells him.

On the other hand, Yeon Su thinks about going overseas with Choi Ung. She told him that she would consider it. Morning came, an opportunity arrives which gives her a difficult decision whether she will use it to be with Choi Ung or reject it and continue living the life she chose.

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Did Choi Ung leave to study in Paris in Our Beloved Summer Episode 16?

Choi Ung sold all his drawings and left nothing behind. NJ visits him and takes some of her work. The two shared a serious conversation wherein NJ explained why she loves his drawings.

It turns out that NJ finds peace and comfort through Choi Ung’s drawings. The idol says she can feel the emotion that Choi Ung has while he draws every line and that she realized that he was as lonely as her.

NJ also expresses how she deeply admires him as a person and can see that he is strong inside despite the immaturity in his drawings.

Her honest review as an avid fan of his works hit his conscience big time. This made him more determined to start over and do what he always wanted to do.

Yeon Su meets Choi Ung the night after to tell him that she will not come with him to Paris. This decision came with careful consideration, and Yeon Su thought of it a million times.

Choi Ung understands where she’s coming from and respects her decision. The two promised that they would make the long-distance relationship work no matter what.

Why did Yeon Su reject the offer to work in Paris in Our Beloved Summer Episode 16?

Yeon Su thought that she was always alone without anyone beside her all these years. But as she shared an emotional night with her sleeping grandmother, she realized that there were people with her in every step she took.

Soli was by her side, especially when her grandmother was admitted to the hospital. She also always visited her when she was doing a part-time job at a restaurant.

They shared lots of time together as Soli always comes to Yeon Su and tells her stories every time she breaks up with a lover, receives another low test score, or when she is struggling to write a scenario.

The one who took her out of the restaurant job was Yi Hoon. As a senior from the university, Yi Hoon noticed how competent and talented Yeon Su was, so he recruited her to work with him at his startup company.

It turns out that the people around her always appreciated her efforts and that Yeon Su is treated as an important person in their lives. This realization was the biggest part of her decision to stay and live a life where she is happy.

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What happened to Ji Ung’s mother in Our Beloved Summer Episode 16?

Ji Ung bravely faces his mother, who is lying sick at the hospital. He lets out all his emotions and grudges that have given him a hard time.

It turns out that his mother does not want him to live a life as miserable as hers, so she tries to push him away. Ji Ung’s mother genuinely cares for him even though she was not with him on the most important days in his life.

In the end, Ji Ung wants her to fight for her life so he can forgive her one day. After all, they are the only family each other has.

Did Choi Ung and Yeon Su break up in Our Beloved Summer Episode 16?

On the day of Choi Ung’s flight to Paris, he takes a short visit to his birth father. It turns out that his father has been taking a glance at him from afar and is probably guilty about abandoning him when he was a kid.

Choi Ung wants to do one last thing before starting his new journey, and it is to confront the pain of his past. He wanted to tell his father that there was no need to suffer because of him and that they should let go of each other and live their own lives.

On the other hand, Choi Ung and Yeon Su made efforts to make their long-distance relationship work. They share conversations from time to time, and they continue to update each other on their daily activities.

Sometimes, they get into petty arguments. But because they respect and love each other dearly, they manage to talk it out and reconcile. The two focused on their lives and let time pass by happily.

Our Beloved Summer Ending Explained: Did Choi Ung and Yeon Su get married?

Two years later, Choi Ung’s parents organized a book donation under their business’ name. Choi Ung is also home to help in the event. Yeon Su is also there to ensure that Choi Ung is doing his job properly in putting the books on the shelves.

Like when they were in high school, they still bicker here and there while doing their task. Choi Ung reminisces their high school days and asks Yeon Su if she had a crush on him the first time they saw each other.

While arranging the books on the shelves, Yeon Su notices that Choi Ung has stopped helping her. She went to the other side to check what he was doing and saw a drawing of her from when they first met.

At the epilogue of Our Beloved Summer Episode 16, Choi Ung and Yeon Su are seen digging the soil in the backyard. Ji Ung arrives and asks them to do another documentary.

It turns out that their second documentary is trending again, and the viewers started to petition another season with them. However, after a couple of arguments, Choi Ung and Yeon Su once again face the camera to introduce themselves as a married couple.

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