Oshi no Ko Episode 7 Sees Akane's Impeccable Transformation

Oshi no Ko Akane Ai

Oshi no Ko Akane Ai

After the bombshell events of Episode 6, Oshi no Ko continues to up the ante as Akane Kurokawa stole the spotlight in Episode 7 by transforming into Ai Hoshino.

While the previous episode was a grim reminder of the dangers of social media, the following episode was a bit more uplifting, as it saw Aqua and the rest of the reality dating show’s cast help Akane.

After this, it was Akane’s time to shine. And based on the reactions, shine she most definitely did.

Spoiler Warning: There are Oshi no Ko Episode 7 spoilers in this article.

Oshi no Ko Episode 7 Shows Off Akane’s Skills

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The latest Oshi no Ko episode opened with Aqua saving Akane, and the scene soon goes to the police station as they grapple with what happened. Soon, the rest of the reality show’s cast appears to support Akane.

While it may have seemed better for them to lie low, Aqua devises a plan to deflect the heat on Akane.

He does this by enlisting the rest of the cast’s help to show Akane in good light through a behind-the-scenes video that soon goes viral.

Thanks to this, the hate for Akane dies down, and Akane decides to take this opportunity to reinvent herself in the show.

She does this by crafting a persona based on Ai Hoshino upon discovering Aqua’s admiration for the late idol.

Thus, Akane dives deep into Ai’s life, and she soon shows off her impeccable acting chops.

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Akane Does Her Best Ai Hoshino Impression

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At the end of the episode, Akane debuts her Ai Hoshino transformation.

Aside from a pitch-perfect impression of Ai’s voice and mannerisms, the anime even shows Akane getting Ai’s signature star eyes.

Unsurprisingly, Aqua is stunned by this, and before we see his full reaction, the episode ends.

Though it’s fair to say that Aqua wasn’t the only one shocked by this as fans also had a strong reaction to this scene.

Following the episode, many fans expressed how great the episode’s ending was and how compelling Akane is as a character.

Many shared how excited they are to see how Aqua and Akane’s dynamic will progress.

Praise was also given to Akane VA Manaka Iwami for nailing Ai Hoshino’s voice perfectly.

In fact, it was so good that some fans were creeped out or found it eerie, especially considering what happened to Ai.

The events of Oshi no Ko are becoming even more exciting, but sadly, fans will have to wait a while longer before the anime continues as it will go on a one-week break.

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