Renowned Japanese Cosplayer Brings Oshi no Ko's Kana Arima to Life

Oshi no Ko Cosplay Kana Arima

Oshi no Ko Cosplay Kana Arima

Thanks to its recent string of great episodes, Oshi no Ko continues to trend online. So, it’s no surprise that the show’s characters are becoming cosplay fan favorites. In fact, a popular Japanese cosplayer did her best Oshi no Ko Kana Arima cosplay.

This cosplayer is none other than Akari Akase, a professional cosplayer whom many fans know for her involvement in My Dress-Up Darling, as well as for her various cosplay shoots that have trended over the past year.

Oshi no Ko: Kana Arima Is Quickly Becoming a Cosplay Darling

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Following the premiere of Oshi no Ko, anime fans from all over the world were shocked by what happened.

Many were also drawn to Ai Hoshino, who continues to be one of the most important characters, despite what happened.

Soon, lots of cosplayers did their best to capture Ai Hoshino’s idol style. Though now, Ai isn’t the only popular character.

The next couple of episodes after the premiere saw fans fall in love with Kana Arima, the genius child actress and former acting rival of Aqua.

Thanks to her popularity, she has also become a cosplay darling.

It helps that she’s slightly easier to cosplay compared to Ai, though that’s likely not the only reason she’s becoming a common cosplay choice. It also helps that she’s an interesting character in her own right.

Soon though, it’s likely that we’ll see Akane Kurokawa also get some cosplay love given the shocking latest episodes, which may have been inspired by real-life events.

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While there are lots of Kana cosplay photos online, Akari Akase’s take on the former child actress was the one that got the most attention recently.

Specifically, Akase shared two photos of herself in Kana Arima’s school uniform.

This elicited a strong reaction from fans, with many loving the photos, enough that they each got thousands of likes and retweets.

This is far from the first time that Akase trended online because of her cosplays. After all, she does this for a living, and she’s become quite an expert at it.

Aside from cosplay though, Akase is also a budding singer as she sang the ending song for My Dress-Up Darling. She even became Marin in real life for the song’s music video.

Oshi no Ko’s story will continue in Episode 8, though its release will be delayed.

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