Oshi no Ko Anime Soundtrack Out Now With Over 60 Tracks

Oshi no Ko Soundtrack Kana Arima

Oshi no Ko Soundtrack Kana Arima

With the final episode of the series coming out later today, the Oshi no Ko anime’s official soundtrack has finally been released on various streaming platforms.

Thanks to this, fans can finally listen to the show’s soundtrack from their preferred service, though it will take a while to listen to it in full as the soundtrack album has 62 songs in total.

Take note though, this soundtrack does not feature the original B-Komachi songs. Instead, it features the incidental music that was used within the anime’s episodes.

YOASOBI’s Idol and Other Oshi no Ko Songs Continue to Trend

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Even before the soundtrack’s official release though, Oshi no Ko has already been a constant fixture in streaming platforms, both in anime playlists and on the top charts.

Released back in April, the anime’s opening song Idol by YOASOBI became a huge hit, enough that it quickly raked in millions of views on YouTube and listens on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

The opening became such a huge hit that it dominated the charts in Japan, not just on Spotify, but also on Billboard.

Soon, it even reached the top spot on the Billboard Global Chart excluding the US.

Aside from the opening, the ending theme Mephisto by Queen Bee is also a huge hit.

What’s more, it even went viral in Japan as memes that recreate Oshi no Ko’s ending transitions using different videos.

If that’s not enough, even the original B-Komachi songs became incredibly popular, with many anime fans and content creators recreating the dances on social media.

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Oshi no Ko Official Soundtrack Out Now on Streaming Platforms

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To mark the show’s finale, the Oshi no Ko Official Soundtrack by Takuro Iga has now been released on various streaming platforms globally.

While it might be confusing given that the terms "soundtrack" and "score" are used interchangeably, this album does not include the opening and ending themes, along with the B-Komachi tracks.

Instead, the 62-song album features the background music that’s used in the anime’s 11 episodes. This means the tracks are fairly short, though the album still has a total runtime of two hours.

The soundtrack is made by Takuro Iga, a Japanese composer who also created music for The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting, Tsuki ga Kirei, and Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me.

Oshi no Ko’s soundtrack is out now on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more. Though availability may depend on the region.

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