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Oshi no Ko Reveals Ai Hoshino Doll in New Licca-Chan Collab

Oshi no Ko Doll Ai Hoshino

Oshi no Ko made waves recently with the reveal of the second season’s teaser. Fans won’t only get the new anime season next year though, as Oshi no Ko announced a new merch collab with the popular Japanese fashion doll brand Licca-chan.

This new collab is on a special edition Licca-chan doll that’s modeled after Ai Hoshino. The doll promises to be a must-have for fans or collectors, though not all viewers of the series will be into it.

Oshi no Ko’s Latest Collab Is With Fashion Doll Brand Licca-Chan

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Oshi no Ko is one of the biggest new anime of 2023. After all, the series made a huge splash in the stacked Spring 23 season, enough that it arguably got more attention than the likes of Demon Slayer.

Since the anime’s airing, the show has gotten several collaborations for merch collections. These include a collab with Sanrio that featured Hello Kitty goodies.

The anime’s latest collab is with Licca-chan, a doll brand from Japan. This may not be known outside the country, but it’s easily one of Japan’s most popular toy lines.

You can think of Licca-chan as Japan’s equivalent to Barbie. These two doll lines don’t look similar, but Licca-chan’s popularity in Japan is comparable to Barbie’s dominance in the American fashion doll market.

Licca-chan is no stranger to collabs. Thus, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see them team up with Doga Kobo’s new anime.

Unlike previous Ai Hoshino figures though, this doll isn’t for everyone. After all, the doll’s look might not be suitable for the typical anime figure collector.

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Oshi no Ko x Licca-Chan Collab Features Ai Hoshino Doll

The Ai Hoshino fashion doll was revealed recently by Licca-chan, and it features a detailed recreation of Ai’s signature B-Komachi outfit.

Instead of looking like Ai, this doll features Licca-chan’s signature look. Of course, it does feature Ai’s star eyes.

Following the reveal, series co-creator Mengo Yokoyari was impressed by the doll as she shared an image of it on her personal X (formerly Twitter) account.

This Oshi no Ko Ai Hoshino Licca-chan doll will be available for pre-order on March 29, 2024, in select toy specialty stores. Each doll will be priced at JPY 6,600 (around USD 45).

For now, there’s no word on international release plans for this new collectible. Based on other anime collabs, this will likely be a Japan-only release.

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