Oscar Isaac Shares First Look as Marvel's Moon Knight

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Marvel has officially found its Moon Knight. The news came through a tweet from Marvel Studios. The tweet confirmed that news on the casting of their Moon Knight actor. It also offered a new official look at the Moon Knight series.

Oscar Isaac is officially the Moon Knight in the MCU. The Moon Knight will be a series that will be coming on Disney+. The tweet offered how the character would look, giving fans a hint of what's to come.


However, the first image isn't the look of Isaac in his Moon Knight costume or an image showing some behind-the-scenes activities on set. The image was just the actor in front of some Moon Knight comic covers and art.

In the comics, Marc Spector, also known as Moon Knight, is a former US Marine who turned into a CIA agent. He left both organizations in disgrace and became a soldier of fortune. On a mission in Egypt, he was left for dead in the desert. An idol of the Egyptian moon god named Khonshu saved him, giving him moon-based powers.

In the image shared in the tweet, the actor seems to have some eye shadow on his eyes. It may be alluding to the time spent under the cowl of Moon Knight. Fans might be wondering that they already heard about the news of Isaac's casting before, it is because this has been widely speculated. However, the confirmation only came out after Marvel Studios tweeted about it.
Isaac was in talks to play the role goes all the way back to October and early January. There is no announcement on when the series will be released on Disney+.


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