Oscar Isaac Proclaims Disney+'s Moon Knight Will Take Mental Health Issues Seriously

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It's no secret that Oscar Isaac's upcoming Moon Knight will focus on Marc Spector's mental health issues, specifically his disassociative identity disorder. Moon Knight will be the first-ever Disney+ show that would explore mental illnesses in a very serious way.

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The film's production onboarded a certified psychiatrist, Dr, Paul Puri, who was the former president of the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty Association, to consult actors and directors in making a more accurate depiction of the mental issues in the film.

In Disney's press release for Moon Knight, the production team together with actor Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke who will be playing the villain in the film discussed Marc Spector's mental health issues.

Executive producer Grant Curtis explained, “The beautiful thing about Moon Knight’s adventures was he was always inclusive. He never let his own mental illness define him. And therefore, he never let societies’ labels that were placed on others define the people that he brought on his adventures with him.”

Oscar Isaac, who will be playing Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight shared Spector's childhood trauma that manifested into the character's adulthood. Isaac says, “I think it was just about being honest to what Dissociative Identity Disorder is, and honest to what a lot of people have to deal with, which is really intense childhood trauma and how that manifests as an adult. I think for us it was about authenticity, more than even story communication.”

Isaac continued, “You can really empathize with him. You feel what it must have felt like to have all these wild things happening to him, not knowing if he’s crazy or he’s actually discovered something. Our job was to put a lens on the things that we found the most interesting or that had the most dramatic juice while taking the mental health aspect about it incredibly seriously. I really wanted to do a character study, a point of view experience, so you’re not sitting back and just watching the story unfold, you are within the eyes of Steven and experiencing this thing that’s happening to him. And it’s quite terrifying.”

It's fulfilling to know that Moon Knight will be the first-ever show to discuss such complex mental health illness in-depth and not just a backstory for a superhero character. From Spector's childhood trauma to his disassociative identity disorder, it would be interesting how the character would surpass his mental health issues and develop as Moon Knight.

Moon Knight will be streaming on Disney+ on March 30.

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