Oscar Isaac Has Not Yet Signed Up for More MCU Projects After Moon Knight

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Oscar Isaac made his MCU debut this week on the new Disney+ series Moon Knight as the titular hero and his multiple identities. A lot of fans were very impressed by his performance so far and they are now also looking forward to see him in the rest of the season. Just like any other MCU actors, everyone is anticipating that Isaac will play the role for a long time. However, it looks like that is actually not the case yet.

Speaking with Variety, Isaac revealed that when he was first offered the role, he had hesitation at first although he decided to give it a shot after learning more about the character and the opportunities that he can do on playing him provided that his terms will be met. "I was in a position — because I wasn’t actively looking to get back into something this big — to say, ‘This is how I see it, and if you guys don’t see it that way, that’s totally okay, but then maybe it’s not the right fit,'" he said. "And so I wasn’t afraid that I was going to do the wrong thing."

As a result, Isaac only signed up to play the role for one season of Moon Knight (at least for now) and he is not contractually obligated to appear in other MCU project. "I had heard of the golden handcuffs," he said with a nervous chuckle. "That was something that I was reticent about. And luckily, we all agreed that this [show] is what we’re going to focus on. This is the story. And if there’s any kind of future, I think it just depends on if people like it, if people want to see more, and if we find a story that’s worth telling."

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It is unusual to hear that an MCU actor who is playing a major character only signed up for one project as they usually sign up for multiple films so that there is guarantee that they can commit on future projects in the future. However, given his previous experiences in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, it is understandable why Isaac only opted to sign up for one project for now so that at least he can have options in the future if he still wants to continue playing Moon Knight.

Given that Marvel Studios answered to Isaac's demands, it also shows that they really want him to play the role and they are willing to do whatever they can in order to secure him. It also looks like Isaac is having fun playing the role and there is no sign for any concern right now that we might not see him play the character in future projects. Who knows, maybe Isaac will sign an extended project after the series airs and we will be able to find out soon enough if it's going to happen.

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New episodes of Moon Knight premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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