Original Red Sonja Actress Wants Female Director To Take Bryan Singer’s Place

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Yesterday, word came out that Millennium Films was dropping controversial director Bryan Singer from its Red Sonja project. The news came as a bit of a surprise considering that the studio's CEO, Avi Lerner, wanted to keep the director despite the many sexual allegations made against the filmmaker.

Right now there isn't any certainty whether Red Sonja might get another director, but Brigitte Nielsen, the original Red Sonja from the 1985 movie, just recently expressed her hopes for a female director for the project.

Speaking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nielsen suggests a few names for Millennium's shelved film, hoping that the studio might go with Danish director Susanne Bier, or DC Extended Universe's Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.


"But why don't they go with a great female director? Like Susanne Bier, a great Danish director? That would be fantastic! And she would put me in Red Sonja because I need to be in there! Or you could do Patty Jenkins! She's an incredible director!" Nielsen told the entertainment news outlet, "This is a huge female character, and I can see a fantastic female director. Let me have my first project as a director! I'll do it! (Laughs) I'm kidding. But a female director wouldn't be a bad idea if Singer is eventually off the project for whatever is going to happen. I'm not one to say."

Given the call for diversity in front and behind the camera, it'd be a good decision to have a female director for Red Sonja. Jenkins would be a good pick – the director did exceptionally well handling Wonder Woman and her fight scenes with the Amazons were epic. Millennium's project would do good with Jenkin's magic.

Red Sonja has been placed in the backburner, but we'll update everyone as soon as Millennium plans to work on the project again.

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